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Hypnosis is not occult and hypnosis is not magic – hypnosis is 100% pure nature in our Holistic Quantum Universe:
Skilled hypnotists are not only able to give you – for instance – a good smell of parfume in your nose or the feeling of sex in your genitals or grandious music to hear in your ear, but even are capeable to take you in a hypnotic_trance and put you in a complete_own complex_inward_reality_world they are able to create by their own imagination for you.

“….. many occult-orientated writers have taken the imagine of the Nazi black magician and his diabolical allies and with it have attempted to create an equally spurious history of the Third Reich.
The insubsubstantial edifice of their wild speculations is ‘supported’ by the incorporation of Eastern mysticism, with its tales of hidden cities inhabited by ascended masters who are the realcontrolers of humanity’s destiny on Earth.”
The Invisible Eagle, Alan Baker, 2000, Last Chapter: Conclusion. The Reality and Fantasy of Nazi Occultism, page 212.

Eastern mystic myths about ‘great masters’ living in ‘hidden cities’ are mind_creations and mind_products of hypnotic_mind_masters and their applied skills. Those mystic or/and mythic cities never existed in an outward_reality, but have been, were and are until today created by hypnotists in their own mind power within their own imagination and dispatched by trance_thinking as information_transmission for inward_reality_experiences (magic illusions) during hypnotic_trances to their recipients, pupils, followers, admirers – and today you better name those their patients, their clients, or even else in some cases of unfree will you may call them: their hypnotized_victims in mind-programming.
To have the illusion of a “real experience” – for instance – to get abducted and stay in front of several aliens who start a medical investigation on your body, or different – to stay in front of a god-like ancient king up in the Nepal mountains in a great stone built castle in the absolute nowhere and have a long talk about important things, or else – to be caught up in the air by an angel and be transferred to the throne of god where choirs of angels sing and the voice of god speaks to you with dignity – all those kinds of experiences of being_placed_into detailed_complex_inner_reality_worlds can be created by skilled hypnotists during hypnosis sessions (the hypnotist is physically present with the hypnotisand) and remote hypnosis sessions (you are alone in your own bed or on your own couch in your home) – you do NOT even need any kind of drug supply for such a complex_phantasy_mind_creation respectively inward_reality_experience – a hypnotist needs his/her trained skills of imagination in connection with information_transmission (telepathy – transmitting thoughts) during trance of both parts (the sender and the recipient, the receiver) with mesmerism (rapport) between hypnotist (sender) and hypnotisand (recipient, receiver).

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Art “Pure Nature” from:
Art “Pure Nature” from:
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